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LDA Europe is a non-profit, non-governmental organization run by young professionals, focused on leadership, democracy,
good governance, entrepreneurship, technology & innovation, professional growth, and many management areas.

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We support young individuals in realizing their potential and becoming leaders and change-makers​ ​in their communities. The younger generation has the potential to solve the most complex problems​ ​in our society. We strive to inspire global youth to engage constructively and enhance their​ ​professional and personal skills through collaborative partnerships, international educational and​ ​cultural exchanges, training, and volunteerism.

Our dynamic network comprises passionate young professionals from diverse backgrounds who​ ​share a common goal: to enhance their skills, broaden their horizons, and make a meaningful​ ​impact on society. Together, we form a community of change-makers, fostering a spirit of​ ​collaboration and innovation.

Our mission is to serve as an international platform to activate and foster youth potential,​ ​empowering their personal and professional skills through volunteering, engagement, and​ ​interaction in an international environment.

Our vision is to help young individuals to realize their potential and become leaders and changemakers​ ​in their community. The young generation has the potential to solve the most complex​ ​problems in our society. We aim to develop ethical and moral principles in young people as we​ ​believe that young people’s potential is a movement for the future, for a better tomorrow.

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European Forum of Young Leaders

Date: 12th-Apr-2023

Young leaders annual workshop focusing on equipping young people with the necessary skills required in future leaders

Empowering, Educating & Inspiring the leaders of tomorrow

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Qëndrim Hoxha

It’s been a great experience to join

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A great place to learn and participate in building future leaders

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A great place to learn new skills