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List of new members accepted in LDA Balkan

LDA Balkan is a non-profit non-governmental organization run by young professionals, focused on leadership, democracy, good governance, entrepreneurship, technology & innovation, professional growth and in many management areas. We work towards empowering citizenship education and creating an equal society in Albania. Read More...


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Certificate of Achievement Awarded by LDA International

"Best Performing Entity of the Year"
For organizing the most prouctive activities during the year 2019.

Honorary Certificate and a Memorial Medal from the President of Russian Federation - Vladimir Putin

For the contribution to the preparation and development of the
"19th World Youth and Students Festival 2017 in Sochi".

Messages from LDA Balkan Leaders

Truthfully, I can say that the founding of LDA has not only been a milestone but an ideal, a dream realized by young people seeking development and prosperity, seeking peace and social justice. LDA has been a story to write, a starting point for a mission, a unified universal vision, together as world citizens for a better world, for a better future in peace, solidarity & prosperity.

Marilo Meta - President LDA Balkan

I accepted the functions I have at LDA Balkan, to spend my time and energy serving the youth. We, with great courage and willpower, are committed for being successful with you through our projects, mainly international. But it also requires your commitment, because success is the result of the work and desires we have.

Qëndrim Hoxha - Vice President & C.E.O LDA Balkan Branch in Kosova

My three-year commitment as vice president in LDA Balkan has been and will be a top priority for me in my daily life. To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

Ina Tane - Vice President LDA Balkan

My commitment to the organization, in addition to managing human resources, also promotes cultural heritage in the world through young people and their education for the preservation of Cultural Heritage.

Sedat Baraliu - HR Manager LDA Balkan

Throughout my experience, I have understood that a globally-minded leader should always embrace new challenges, empower diversity and explore divergent culture to make a difference. Proud to encourage the capacity building of young professionals of LDA Balkan. Let's explore together and let the diversity and creativity turn complexity into elegant and obstacles into opportunities.

Ina Tase - Project Manager LDA Balkan


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