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Salesforce, Inc. is an American cloud-based software company headquartered in San Francisco, California. 
The Trailblazer Community helps everyone thrive in the Salesforce economy.
Activate and empower the Salesforce potential through assistance, education, networking and knowledge sharing to improve the workforce and professionalism in the Western Balkan. 


LEAP Summit is an event with a mission to educate and inspire a future generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders, and trailblazing changemakers.
It is a multidisciplinary conference that influenced more than 10.000 people from 40+ countries over the year.


The OGP Local program aims to harness the innovation and momentum demonstrated by local governments and civil society partners across the world. OGP is a platform for these governments and civil society to come together to make their governments more open, inclusive and responsive, modeling the values and principles of the Open Government Declaration and processes.
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GlobalGiving connects nonprofitsdonors, and companies in nearly every country in the world. We help fellow nonprofits access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to serve their communities.
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🇪🇺European Forum of Young Leaders
🇵🇱 Warsaw, Poland!
🔵 The international forum was organized in partnership between Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps and Salto Youth NA Poland. Together with around 50 participants from EU, Western Balkan, Eastern Partnership and the Russian Federation.
🔖The main discussed topics were diversity and inclusion, green practices, digital transformation and youth activism on citizenship education, social and democratic life.

HUKI 🇭🇷 🤝 LDA BALKAN 🇦🇱 🇽🇰 🇲🇰 🇲🇪 🇷🇸

🤝LDA Balkan dhe Zyra Kroate për Inovacion dhe Kreativitet nënshkruajnë memorandum të ri bashkëpunimi

🖋Organizata ndërkombëtare Leadership Development Association Balkan (LDA Balkan) ka nënshkruar memorandum të ri bashkëpunimi me zyrën Kroate për Kreativitet dhe Inovacion e njohur si HUKI.

📝Qëllimi i këtij memorandumi të sapo nënshkruar është vazhdimi i bashkëpunimit edhe për pesë (5) vite të tjera në organizimin e konferencave LEAPin në Shqipëri, Kosovë, Maqedoni të Veriut, Mal të Zi dhe Luginë të Preshevës ku si rrjedhojë LDA Balkan ka fituar patentën ekskluzive për ti organizuar ngjarjet në këto vende të Ballkanit por jo vetëm, LDA do të marrë pjesë cdo vit në Zagreb të Kroacisë, në ngjarjen me të madhe të edukimit jo formal të për të rinjë, pra në samitin LEAP që organizohet nga organizata HUKI në bashkëpunim me Komisionin Europian.



🖌 Sot në Tiranë Presidenti i LDA Balkan Z. Marilo Meta ka nënshkruar një memorandum bashkëpunimi me Z. Ederjon Ibro, Kryetar Këshilli Studentor “Fakulteti i Gjuhëve të Huaja”.
💡 Përfitues të kesaj marrëveshje bashkëpunimi do jenë të studentet nga Fakulteti i Gjuhëve të Huaja përmes bashkëpunimit me qëllim shkëmbimin e eksperiencës dhe praktikave më të mira, trajnimeve për anëtarët, organizimin e seminareve, vizitave studimore, konferencave, workshop-eve në shkëmbimin e eksperiencave, si dhe të programeve të Salesforce Community, të kompanisë CRM Amerikane, Salesforce.

Marilo Meta has over 7 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Prior serving as an Atlas Corps fellow from Albania in Washington, DC, at the Open Government Partnership in the position of Knowledge Management, to advance the new frontiers of citizen participation, through direct citizen engagement, inclusion, and now Marilo is leading the international NGO “Leadership Development Association Balkan”, to help young people develop their personal and professional skills by working in an international environment, to give every youngster an opportunity to become leader and change-makers in their community to solve complex problems of our societies.

In the position of President for LDA Balkan Marilo has been involved in the overall management of the organization including but not limited to events, conferences, international exchanges to strengthen youth leadership, personal and professional youth development for LDA Balkan in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Presevo Valley and Northern Macedonia.

Moreover, he can truly define his vision as the leader of a non-profit youth organization, which is empowering youth through collaboration, knowledge sharing, networking, promoting innovation and continually improving talent, building more trust strong by growing with integrity, increasing peace by leading with equality, and achieving extraordinary results by connecting people with people, people with ideas and people with opportunities, to empower the Albanian youth community in order to live in a world where the young generation will apply the skills of change-making to solve the complex problems of our societies, for a better future, living in peace, prosperity and solidarity.


Democracy and community development

LDA Balkan is a non-profit non-governmental organization run by young professionals, focused on leadership, democracy, good governance, entrepreneurship, technology & innovation, professional growth, and many management areas. We work towards empowering citizenship education and creating an equal society in Balkan.


Marilo Meta

President LDA Balkan & CEO LDA Albania

Qëndrim Hoxha

Vice President at LDA Balkan & CEO LDA Kosova
Our vision is to help young individuals to realize their potential and become leaders and change-makers in their community. The young generation has the potential to solve the most complex problems of our society. We strive to inspire global youth for constructive engagement and enhance their professional and personal skills through collaborative partnership, international educational & cultural exchange, training, and volunteerism.

Our mission is to create an international platform that helps young individuals to develop their personal and professional skills through working within an international environment. We aim to develop ethical and moral principles in young people as we believe that young people’s potential is a movement for the future, for a better tomorrow.

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