LDA Europe opens a competition for the admission of new members in Albania!

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Thirrje Publike për pranimin e anëtarëve të rinjë/ Public call for admission of new members!

LDA Europe is a non-profit non-governmental organization run by young professionals, focused on leadership, democracy, good governance, entrepreneurship, technology & innovation, professional growth, and many management areas. Through our collaborative partnerships, international educational & cultural exchanges, training, and volunteerism, we aim to inspire global youth for constructive engagement and enhance their professional and personal skills.

Our vision is to help young individuals to realize their potential and become leaders and
change-makers in their community. The young generation has the potential to solve the most complex problems in our society. We strive to inspire global youth for constructive engagement and enhance their professional and personal skills through collaborative
partnership, international educational & cultural exchange, training, and volunteerism.

Our mission is to create an international platform that helps young individuals to develop their personal and professional skills through working within an international environment. We aim to develop ethical and moral principles in young people as we believe that young people’s potential is a movement for the future, for a better tomorrow.

As an international NGO “Leadership Development Association Europe”, we are providing events, conferences, and international exchanges to strengthen youth leadership, and personal and professional youth development in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Presevo Valley, Northern Macedonia, and Estonia.LDA Europe has more than 350 registered members from all over the Balkan & Baltic region, who are willing to participate voluntarily in EU projects.

To apply please complete the questionnaire on the google form here.

Check more information at our Website: https://lda.al/
Check our upcoming Conferences: https://dreamin.sfalbania.al/https://leapin.lda.al/
Check more events on our websites: https://sfalbania.al/; https://dreaminkosovo.al/

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